Pots D'Or

[Bestseller!] Double-Shot Durian Pudding (Box of 6)

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Each box consists of 6 x 100ml pots

What You Will Get:

  • 6 pots (100ml) of creamy, freshly hand-crafted Durian Pudding Dessert
  • Topped with an extra shot of 100% pure durian flesh (yes, a whole generous dollop of golden creamy goodness!) and a light sprinkling of edible gold dust
  • Packaged with a lid for maximum freshness
  • Complimentary delivery for orders above $80 to one location in Singapore, except for locations listed in the FAQs.

Product Description:

Who can resist these delectable Double Shot Durian Pudding pots which are topped with a generous dollop of 100% pure creamy durian. If you are a durian fanatic who needs an extra strong kick, we highly recommend you to go for these potent Double-Shot Durian Puddings. WARNING: For true durian lovers only!

Each durian pudding cup is spiked with over 25% of pure durian to provide a good 'kick' (excluding the extra shot!). Both adults and kids will love this classy way of enjoying the creamy goodness of durian in a cup - minus the hassle and minus the mess!

About Pots D'Or:

By the team behind TheBurningKitchen.com, Pots D'Or is our line of small-batch artisanal durian pudding desserts that are as memorable as they are delicious. At Pots D'Or, we strive to bring you a taste of luxe in every spoon. Experience Pots D'Or today! For events and enquiries, please contact us via Email (info@potsdor.com), Facebook (http://facebook.com/potsdor) or Whatsapp (9610 0705). You can also visit our website potsdor.com for more information.